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Tranquil India


No.16, Lakshya Towers, 3rd Floor, 1st Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560 095

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World-Class Materials for World-Class Lifestyles | Building Materials Manufactures and Suppliers

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Tranquil India - As a result of this vision, Tranquil India was established in 2013 with the goal of supplying world-class materials for world-class lifestyles, as well as versatile and next-generation acoustic products that cater to a wide range of needs and the atmosphere of an environment. 

Tranquil is a privately held global manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of vertically and horizontally integrated building materials with operations in more than 100 countries around the world. 

Founded with the vision of bringing world-class materials for world-class lifestyles to the global market, Tranquil is integrated through a network of partners who market, sell, and service Tranquil's Solid Surfaces, Acoustic Systems, Metal Ceilings and Walls, as well as other products from Tranquil.

In addition to new generation acoustic materials, solid surfaces and metal ceilings, we are also a manufacturer and supplier. Every week, we create and share possible designs in our materials in order to keep ourselves up to date with the demands of designers. Acoustic panels, also known as Acoustical Systems, are soundproofing materials that include Tranquil ecocore, APS (compressed fiberglass acoustical system), 3D, Tranquil ecowood, Mass loaded vinyl (MLV), Acoustic wool, and other high-quality acoustic materials.

Countertops made of solid surface materials such as Tranquil Dune and Alticor are available, and they provide a seamless finish to the countertops.

Tranquil India-3-13

Tranquil Screen's basic ceiling and walls are made of metal, and the basic ceiling of the screen is built in three dimensions. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of this type of ceiling is that it is entirely constructed of vertically suspended "suspended" panels. Solid Surfaces, Acoustical Systems, Metal Walls & Metal Ceilings, among other things, that are exclusive, modern, creative, aesthetically appealing, functional, and best in class for World Class Lifestyles are manufactured by a company called Solid Surfaces International.

High-performance products that have been proven through certifications from the best labs, product warranties, high-quality raw materials, and stringent quality control procedures, all backed by cutting-edge technology for customizing products to meet specific customer requirements. Executed massive commercial and residential projects, including more than 100 well-known companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, and others, as well as smaller projects. 

Serving both international and domestic clients through the presence of Team members in all of India's major metropolitan areas. An incomparably large selection of colors and configurations of products that are readily available in stock and can be delivered in a timely manner.

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Products / Services


Solid Surface

  • Tranquil Dunes
  • Tranquil Alticor


  • Tranquil APS
  • Tranquil Ecocore
  • Tranquil Ecowood
  • Tranquil Filz
  • Tranquil 3D Panels
  • Tranquil Block
  • Tranquil Acoustical Wool
  • Tranquil Workifi

Metal Ceilings & Wall

  • Tile Ceiling Systems
  • Linear Ceiling Systems
  • Open Cell Ceiling Systems
  • Screen Ceiling Systems
  • Baffle Ceiling Systems
  • Aluminum Cladding


  • Solid Surface
  • Metal Ceilings & Wall

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