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Subhayogam is an elegant online platform of a free daily horoscope under the guidance of Sri Viswanatha Saraswathi Guruji.

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Sri Viswanathasaraswathi is a devout and an eminent astrologer of today.

His versatile knowledge and insightful suggestions make him a giant in educational astrology, career development, financial astrology, medical astrology apart from several life-defining branches of astrology. His predictions are based on the physical science of Astrology. His in-depth knowledge of planets, their benefits and negative influences on people coupled with his devout and pious demeanor make him a favorite among a large cross-section of people in India and abroad.  

Educational astrology and career development:

The current generation of children and youth are fact-oriented and need substantiation and justification to develop a belief in anything. Their belief system, unlike that of the yesteryear generations, is based on scientific reasoning. They require a scientific description to be convinced. There are many youngsters who work very hard but are unable to reap good results due to a variety of reasons. Lack of proper guidance at crucial times of life is one of them.

Viswanthasaraswathi guruji, an empathetic listener that he is, provides the much-needed counseling to such individuals to make their life journey a smooth and enjoyable one. This he achieves by an effective mix of his remarkable knowledge of Astrology and real-time interpretation on it.

Call for an appointment or book a slot online to benefit from the wisdom of Hyderabad’s renowned and respected Astrologer – Sri Viswanatha Saraswathi.

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