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Stream Edge Sakleshpur
Private Limited
100 Employees


Hiremandi Village, Devaladakere, Sakleshpur, Karnataka 573134, India
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Streamedge Sakleshpur homestay is the Sakleshpur Resorts that offers a sophisticated place to the traveler.

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Streamedge Sakleshpur homestay is the Sakleshpur Resorts that offers a sophisticated place to the friends, family and all the loved ones.

It is the most beautiful place that shows you the beauty of nature as well as offers the calmness to their guests. It is an amazing destination for couples and family who are planning to have private holidays. This is the outstanding place that is designed with a lot of windows that gives a view of the coffee plantation. At this time, freshly grown pepper plantations and clove revitalize your mind, the red coffee berries add an extra effect to the entire place and gives a breathtaking a view.

Streamedge Homestay/resort is a beautiful resort as nature’s green lush, paddy fields and many more, covers it. The Resorts in Sakleshpur is very attractive because it is located in the center of the coffee plantation. In a homestay you will be able to smell the fragrance of flowers, listening chirping sound of birds. The host welcomed you in Indian traditional way they consider any guest as a representative of God. This homestay is affordable amongst other resorts.

The homestay has cleaned and well-furnished room with all amenities such as T.V., geyser, and so on. They assure you to provide memorable holidays and it is suitable for you and your family.

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