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Softtycoon Technology
Sumit Sharma
Softtycoon Technology
50 Employees
S-61, Pandav Nagar, Delhi-110092, Delhi, 110092 | 434/164 mint street, sowcarpet, chennai -600079, chennai, Tamil Nadu 600079 | CD 296, Sector-2, HEC Township, Dhurwa, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834004


69/5E Malviya Road George Town, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Softtycoon Technology is the best Blockchain Software development company in India.

Business Description

Founded in 2016, SoftCone Technologies is a Blockchain technology development company, and the most simple MLM technology development company based in India, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates, founded in 2016.

We've taken a big step forward by offering attractive Blockchain-based computer code choices like Ethereum, Hyperledger, correct Contracts, and a lot more.

Blockchain technology can help organizations secure knowledge, automate methods, minimize data storage costs, and reduce data duplication. When you need high-quality, industry-leading Blockchain services, we have world-class specialists who can meet your challenges. Keep up-to-date on Blockchain in order to explore the many benefits that it has for your business.

Softtycoon Technology

Utilizing state-of-the-art blockchain technology, We cover all industries, including tech, finance, and consulting, in order to provide Blockchain development services.

Since our organization, we have assisted a variety of businesses with blockchain innovations. in the list of various industries that follow below, you'll find numerous industries;

  • Payments
  • Digital wallets in the digital realm
  • payment procedure
  • Cryptocurrency crowdsales and auctions
  • Marketplaces
  • Token-based transactions
  • peer-to-peer transactions
  • One-on-one: one-on-one direct sales
  • Supply chain management plan
  • Decentralized currency transactions
  • Digital wallets in the digital realm
  • Also known as crowdsales and auctions
  • Business-to-consumer transactions
  • Business-to-consumer transactions
  • Direct business-to-consumer interactions
  • fan loyalty programs
Details of our development services:

Bitcoin and altcoin development

You can alter your platform's cryptocurrency payment method or help integrate an ERC20-token on the Ethereum network, but there are various different options, like creating a custom cryptocurrency from scratch, connecting an existing cryptocurrency payment network, or dealing with mining, a virtual machine, contract rules, or a P2P network.

Using Hyperledger for blockchain development

Using the Hyperledger blockchain implementation, we can build a secure company blockchain for your business, preserving the immutable and tamperproof multi-party engagements.

Blockchain-customized solutions

In other words, we'd evaluate all aspects of the trade, conduct a business analysis, and create a custom-tailored blockchain solution for your needs.

The technical development required for an ICO

Our team is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to providing platforms for projects to obtain capital through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). we will provide you with an accurate technical depiction of your ICO ecosystem: implement an ERC-20 token, design and oracles, and assess your whitepaper's technical and QA components

Decentralized applications (Dapps)

Reticulated sensible contracts, all united by business logic and frontend, are employed in Dapp's mix. Using these apps, customers can change payment processes more quickly while also providing a secure and reliable record of their knowledge. To create a comprehensive user experience, our team comes up with a design for a Dapp, collaborates with oracles, and lays out the UI.

A selection of Blockchain-based solutions for non-fungible tokens

We strive to produce custom NFT marketplace platforms that utilize high-level blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, TRON, BSC, etc., and our resolve empowers interesting features with our own styling, giving developers the option to implement semi-fungible tokens.

Blockchain services to provide cryptocurrency tokens

Develop your own cryptocurrency token on the more popular blockchains such as Ethereum, EOS, Tron, BSC, etc, and opt for an immutable and sensible contract that has these features. Our World Health Organization team of blockchain developers is experienced in offering complete crypto token application solutions to support your business needs.

Meme Token smart contract development explanation paraphrase

Memes are elements of shared culture that use a collaborative style to incorporate common symbols, themes, or problems. This is a memetic value as all of them use symbols, themes, and concerns of some larger thing. One simple example of a meme would be a popular movie, but it can also be more complex. A meme is just an idea that influences other memes in its simplest form. A meme is a concept created by a law of attraction. An initial concept or idea will typically pull in the meme, and thus, meaning is what the meme will obtain. Even though memes come in many shapes and sizes, we've already seen dozens of examples. Shrek, Batman, Mickey Mouse, Jesus, The Smurfs, Robin, Pokemon, Transformers, and Peanuts are among the most well-known memes.

Smart contract design for Meme Token

The Meme Token prototype was developed by Softtycoon Technology prior to the completion of this article. We think that's a positive sign. This shows that the firm is dedicated and is not planning to announce the project until they are ready. Softtycoon was established in 2016 with Hong Kong banks and other major financial institutions in Asia as its target market.

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  • Blockchain Software development
  • Matic Smart contract
  • NFT Token 
  • Ico Development
  • Smart Contract Development Company
  • Cryptocurrency development
  • Crypto wallet development
  • Smart Contract MLM Based Software

Article About Business

Blockchain and MLM software development company located in India, Softtycoon Technology Group is its name. Established in 2016, we've dedicated ourselves to supporting companies of all sizes worldwide as they embrace digital transformation. We have pioneered the use of new technology in every new era, including the internet, mobility, blockchain, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and the internet of things.

We offer enterprise-level technology solutions to diverse sectors on a global scale. Blockchain and other IT solutions have demonstrated their importance in various industries, and are now being adopted in all of them. With our solutions, we've assisted both young and mature businesses to set up shop and to grow. we have mastered our craft and have the knowledge, skill, and experience to prove it We are committed to the project, and our belief in it allows us to build an intuitive and approachable method. Regardless of the size or nature of your business, we guarantee that you'll receive exactly what you request. At Bartlett, we don't just provide services, we perfect them.

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