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Shivkripa Blue Pottery
100 Employees


207, Asindnager B, Behind Sparesh Hospital, Mansarover Road, Sanganer, Jaipur 302029 India.

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Manufacturer and Supplier of Handmade Blue Pottery Products with Beautiful Design and many Sizes. Blue Pottery Bowl, Blue Pottery Plates, Blue Pottery, Blue Pottery Designer Tiles, Blue Pottery Handicrafts, Blue Pottery Murals, Handmade Blue Pottery, Indian Blue Pottery, Jaipur Blue Pottery, Blue Pottery Vase, Handmade Blue Pottery in India.

Business Description

Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery, your portal to the wondrous world of blue pottery. Our passion for this fine technique has fueled our path to become a premier manufacturer and seller of handmade Blue Pottery goods. Our factory is located at 207, Asindnager B, beside Sparesh Hospital, Mansarover Road, Sanganer, Jaipur, India. 

We urge you to explore the delicate beauty of our products and learn more about Blue Pottery, which has a long and illustrious history, a dedicated staff of experienced artisans, and a commitment to maintaining the tradition of the company.

Blue Pottery Bowls | Blue Pottery Plates | Designer Tiles | Vases | Flowerpots

Our history:

We set out on this adventure into the world of blue pottery with the intention of reviving and popularizing this one-of-a-kind art form. Our search for the ideal place to launch our enterprise led us to the bustling metropolis of Jaipur, which is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. We were motivated to start Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery by the region's long and illustrious history of artistic achievement, and our goal was to share this ageless technique with as many people as possible.

As we launched on a quest to not only manufacture beautiful Blue Pottery but also teach people about its significance and history, our early years were fraught with difficulties as we worked toward achieving both of these goals. We did a lot of study to learn about the traditional methods, designs, and materials that go into making blue pottery. We went out of our way to find experienced master craftspeople so that they could share their expertise with our staff.

We were able to build a reputable name for ourselves in the Blue Pottery sector by devoting ourselves fully and not giving up when things got difficult. Today, we look back on our journey with a sense of pride, recalling how we went from being a humble workshop to a thriving enterprise that caters to consumers not only in India but also all over the world.

Shivkripa Blue Pottery

Shiv Kripa Art Pottery Ceramic Decorative Wall Hanging Elephant Design Handmade Painted Plate 20 X 20 X 3 cm (Multi)
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Our Goals and Our Vision:

Our Aim:

To serve as global ambassadors for Blue Pottery, displaying the company's beautiful products and skilled artisans to audiences across the world.

Our Purpose:

The creation of magnificent goods, each of which is executed by hand, with the goal of preserving and advancing the art of blue pottery.

The purpose of this project is to give local artists more power by giving them a stage on which they may exhibit their talents and make a living.

In order to teach people about the cultural value of Blue Pottery as well as its legacy.

To continually push the boundaries of innovation and provide customers with a wide selection of Blue Pottery goods that complement contemporary design while preserving the brand's heritage.

Craftsmen and the art of making things by hand:

The team of skilled artisans that make up Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery is the company's most important asset. We have no doubt in our minds that the hands of the potters are where Blue Pottery's spirit may be found. Our artisans are not only excellent craftsmen, but they are also the keepers of a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. They have been passing down their knowledge and abilities from one generation to the next.

Our Community of Skilled Craftspeople:

We consider it a source of great pride that we are part of a group of artisans who are not only highly competent but also extremely enthusiastic about blue pottery. A good many of our craftspeople come from families that have been engaged in the pursuit of this skill for many years. The preservation of this lovely custom is ensured by their in-depth knowledge as well as our will to offer them a way of life that is both just and enduring.

The Art of Crafting and Various Techniques:

Blue Pottery is distinguished by its one-of-a-kind appearance, which is distinguished by delicate floral designs and the stunning use of blue and white colors. Blue Pottery was created in the United States. The production of blue pottery is a delicate and labor-intensive process that involves a number of complex procedures, including the following:

Preparation of the Clay: To begin, we pick and prepare the clay, which is then combined with quartz powder in order to give it strength and resilience.

Molding: the clay into the desired shape, whether it be a bowl, plate, vase, or tile, is the next step in the process. The forms are created by the artisans through the use of their expert hands.

The use of decorative themes: in Blue Pottery's designs is one of the most alluring characteristics of the brand's products. Cobalt oxide and various other natural pigments are used in the meticulous hand-painting of elaborate patterns by our artisans.

Glazing: Blue Pottery's distinctive quality is the use of a glass glaze that is so see-through that it gives the product a shiny appearance. This glaze is applied with great care in order to bring out the designs' natural brilliance.

The glaze is fused with the clay during the firing process, which gives the pottery its recognizable blue and white appearance. The firing takes place in kilns at a predetermined temperature.

After the fire process, the pottery is given a finishing touch by having it meticulously inspected for any flaws that may have occurred. The surfaces are then polished to perfection by hands that have experience.

Packaging: Once our items have been inspected and found to be of satisfactory quality, they are then meticulously packaged to guarantee that they are sent to our clients in pristine condition.

Every step of the process calls for pinpoint accuracy, unwavering persistence, and a profound familiarity with the art form. Each and every piece of Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery is its own unique work of art, which is a direct result of the hard effort put in by our skilled artisans.

The Scope of Our Offerings:

The fact that we are dedicated to both maintaining the history of Blue Pottery and appealing to contemporary preferences is reflected in the extensive variety of items that we provide. At Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery, you can discover something to please your senses whether you are a collector, an interior decorator, or simply someone who enjoys the beauty of handmade crafts.

Bowls made of blue pottery:

The bowls that we make at Blue Pottery are the epitome of beauty and utility combined. They are made with care and accuracy, and there is a wide choice of styles and dimensions available for them to choose from. Our bowls are sure to make a statement, regardless of whether you are using them to serve a delectable meal or simply to add a touch of elegance to your table.

Plates made of blue pottery:

When going out to eat, it's not just about the food; the presentation is just as important. The Blue Pottery plates we offer are meant to take your dining experience to the next level. They are a visual treat due to the beautiful patterns that they have and the shiny sheen that they have.

Decorative Ceramic Tiles:

With our Blue Pottery designer tiles, you'll be able to give your living space an air of artistic sophistication. These tiles are not only practical; they are also pieces of art that have the potential to turn any space into an eye-catching architectural masterpiece.

The vases:

A vase made of blue pottery is the perfect accessory for showcasing a stunning arrangement of cut flowers. Our vases are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and each one is painstakingly hand-painted with patterns that pay homage to the splendor of the natural world.

Flower Containers:

Utilize our Blue Pottery flower pots to bring the beauty of the outside into your home. Our flower pots are the ideal solution for displaying your plants attractively, regardless of whether you already have a green thumb or are just beginning your journey into gardening.

Items Used for Decorating:

In addition to the products we produce that have a practical purpose, we also provide a selection of Blue Pottery objects that are used for ornamental purposes. These pieces, which range from elaborate lamps to wall hangings featuring exquisite designs, are ideal for giving your house or place of business an air of refined sophistication.

Alterations Made to Order:

We are aware of the fact that there are times when the ideal piece of Blue Pottery is one that you imagine. Because of this, we provide customization services, which give you the opportunity to collaborate with our craftspeople to produce an item that is distinctively yours.

This method of making blue pottery:

It is absolutely necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the complex process that goes into the making of Blue Pottery in order to have a complete appreciation for its stunning aesthetic. Allow us to guide you through the numerous processes that turn raw materials into wonderful works of art as we embark on this adventure together.

The Process of Selecting and Preparing Clay:

The first step in the process is selecting the clay with great care. We mix our clay with quartz powder after obtaining it from reputable vendors who supply us with clay. The distinctive texture and long-lasting quality of Blue Pottery are both the result of this one-of-a-kind blend.

Mold growth:

After the clay has been prepared, the next step is to mold it into the shape that you want. Bowls, plates, vases, and other things are crafted by our talented artisans using mostly their hands and a few straightforward tools. The fact that they can take a blob of clay and turn it into a piece of art is a testimonial to their level of talent.

Creating Layouts:

The designing step of the creation of Blue Pottery is probably the most interesting part of the process. When they hand-paint elaborate patterns, our artists draw inspiration from a variety of sources, including nature, traditional themes, and their own ingenuity. In order to obtain the characteristic color scheme of blue and white, cobalt oxide and various other natural pigments are utilized.

Glazed with:

The use of a clear glass glaze is what gives Blue Pottery its distinctively glossy appearance and feel. This stage involves accuracy because the glaze has to be applied uniformly in order to bring out the designs' full potential for beauty.

To fire:

The Blue Pottery technique is not complete without the phase of firing. Kilns are used to fire the pottery at various temperatures to combine the glaze with the clay. This process is known as "firing." The magnificent blue and white appearance that distinguishes Blue Pottery from other ceramics is the end product of this process.

Coming to an end:

Following the fire process, each individual piece of Blue Pottery is subjected to a stringent quality control check to ensure that it is flawless. Our expert artisans thoroughly polish any rough edges or flaws, ensuring that every piece satisfies the quality standards that we have established for ourselves.

Packing and repacking:

After being subjected to stringent quality control inspections, the Blue Pottery products we sell are then carefully wrapped to ensure that they remain undamaged during shipping. We go to great lengths to ensure that the things we sell to our clients are delivered to them in pristine shape and are all set to be enjoyed.

Our Dedication to Promoting Environmental Stewardship:

Not only are we dedicated to maintaining the craft of blue pottery here at Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery, but we are also dedicated to upholding ethical and environmentally responsible business methods. We are aware of the significance of taking measures to preserve our natural resources and giving back to the communities that help make Blue Pottery a reality.

Materials That Are Eco-Friendly:

When it comes to the components that go into our Blue Pottery, we keep sustainability in mind. Both the clay that we use and the pigments that we put into our patterns come from natural sources. We are always looking for new ways to cut down on waste and lessen the impact that we have on the environment.

Equal Pay and Opportunities for Work:

We believe that our craftspeople should be paid fairly for their work. We make a contribution to the community's overall economic health by offering members of the community the opportunity to earn a reliable living and a stage from which to exhibit their talents.

Education and a Consciousness Campaign:

We have made it our mission to inform others about the historical and cultural significance of blue pottery and its development. Our goal is to raise awareness of this lovely craft by hosting classes, exhibiting it in galleries, and providing materials online.

Help From the Community:

We take an active role in the community, not only in Sanganer but also in Jaipur and the surrounding areas. We give our backing to groups and projects that work to advance cultural awareness and appreciation, such as joint ventures between educational institutions and cultural nonprofits.


In a nutshell, Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery is not merely an enterprise; rather, it is the product of a passionate labor of love. Our quest to spread awareness about and maintain the tradition of blue pottery has been marked by intense feelings of enthusiasm, commitment, and gratitude for the culture of Rajasthan at every step. We extend an invitation to you to come along with us on this adventure and see the splendor of Blue Pottery for yourself.

We are thrilled to share the magic of Blue Pottery with you, and we look forward to your visit to our store in Jaipur, your exploration of our products on the website, or your connection with us from a distance. 

We want to express our gratitude for your support and let you know that we look forward to the opportunity to serve you and help improve your life with the ageless art of Blue Pottery.

For more information, please call us on phone +91-992-8943322 or visit us on our website here: Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery

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Article About Business

When Choosing a Supplier for Blue Pottery Products, It Is Important to Consider the Following Factors.

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best vendor to place the order.


When you are in the market for Blue Pottery products such as Blue Pottery Bowls, Blue Pottery Plates, Designer Tiles, Vases, Flowerpots, and Custom Creations, it is essential to thoroughly research any potential vendors. Blue Pottery Bowls and Plates, Designer Tiles, Vases, Flowerpots, and Custom Creations are all examples of Blue Pottery products. Your selection of a retailer can have a significant influence on the level of quality and individuality of the item you buy, in addition to the level of overall satisfaction you experience. Take into consideration the following elements as you work through the process of making a decision:

The Quality of the Product and Its Craftsmanship:

1. Material Quality: Investigate the kind of clay and its overall quality that is used in the production of Blue Pottery goods. Clay of a high grade assures that it will last for a long time.

2. Expertise of Artisans: Evaluate the Quality of the Work Performed by the Artisans Employed by the Vendor. Pieces with finely detailed craftsmanship and an appealing appearance are more likely to be produced by skilled craftspeople.

3. Pay Attention to the Details: Search for Intricate Hand-Painted Designs and Glazing That Is Evenly Applied  Excellent Blue Pottery can be identified by its meticulous attention to detail.

4. Inspection of the items: Finishing Do an inspection of the items' finishing. A dedication to quality can be seen in the form of polished and smooth surfaces as well as well-finished edges.

Structure and Variation:

Design Selection: Evaluate the Varieties of Designs Offered by the Vendor 5. You'll have the ability to choose items that fit the requirements of your project as well as your unique aesthetic thanks to the extensive range of patterns and themes.

Personalization: If you are interested in having unique creations made, you should enquire with the vendor about whether or not they are able to fulfill specific design requests. There is a possibility that certain suppliers will offer Blue Pottery products with a personalized touch.

Cost and Relative Value:

Ensure the Vendor Provides Clear and Transparent Pricing: Check that the pricing provided by the vendor is clear and transparent. Your budget can be impacted if there are any unexpected charges or hidden fees.

Value for Money: Examine the prices offered by the vendor in light of the quality and originality of the things they sell. The objective here is to track down a provider who strikes an advantageous balance between quality and cost.

Wholesale Pricing and Bulk Order savings: If you plan to acquire a significant amount of Blue Pottery products, you should inquire about wholesale pricing and bulk order savings.

Transportation and Delivery Services:

Options for Shipping: Take into consideration the various shipping options that are provided by the merchant. It is absolutely necessary to have prompt and secure shipment in order to guarantee that your Blue Pottery products will reach in beautiful condition.

Packaging: Determine the level of protection provided by the packaging used for Blue Pottery while it is in transit. Items with a fragile nature, such as Blue Pottery, need to be packaged with care to avoid damage.

Tracking and Insurance: Find out if the provider offers tracking information for items that have been dispatched and if they give insurance to cover any potential damages that may occur while the package is in transit.

Reviews from Customers and a Company's Reputation:

Feedback from Customers: Conduct research on the reviews and testimonials provided by customers regarding the items and services offered by the vendor. The feedback of the vendor's former clients can provide extremely useful insights into the reliability of the vendor.

Reputation: When purchasing Blue Pottery, it is important to consider the reputation of the vendor in the industry. It is more probable that a vendor will live up to your expectations if they have a good reputation for both the quality of their products and their treatment of customers.

Guidelines for Exchanges and Cancellations:

Return Policy: It is recommended that you become familiar with the return policy of the vendor. It is essential that you are familiar with the terms and circumstances that govern the return or exchange of Blue Pottery products.

Inquire about the vendor's refund method: in case you acquire things that are faulty or unsatisfactory in the event that you buy something from them. A better customer-friendly business is one that has a streamlined procedure for processing refunds.

Time to Market and Total Capacity of Production:

Estimated Lead Times for Production and Delivery: Find out how long it will take for production and delivery to be completed. Because of the delicate nature of certain Blue Pottery products, production periods for such items may need to be extended.

Production Capacity: If you have a large order or certain project deadlines, you need to make sure that the vendor has the capacity to achieve your requirements within the timeframe that you have chosen.

Ethical and Environmentally Sound Business Procedures:

Sustainable Sourcing: Inquire about the vendor's commitment to sustainable methods, such as ethically sourcing clay and utilizing eco-friendly materials. 19. Sustainable Sourcing: Inquire about the vendor's commitment to sustainable practices.

Fair Trade Practices: Take into consideration businesses that engage in fair trade practices, as well as those who offer their craftsmen a fair wage and safe working circumstances.

Communication and Providing Support to Customers:

Test the vendor's responsiveness: by calling them, sending them emails, or inquiring about them over the phone. It is crucial to communicate promptly in order to resolve any concerns or queries that may arise.

Customer Support: Conduct an analysis of the overall customer support provided by the vendor. A gratifying shopping excursion might more frequently be anticipated from a retailer who provides superior customer service.

Warranty and Longevity of Service:

Warranty: If it is possible to do so, you should learn about any warranties or guarantees that the vendor provides. This may help alleviate any concerns you have regarding the longevity of the products offered by Blue Pottery.

Durability: When purchasing Blue Pottery products, you should take into consideration how long they will last. Blue Pottery of a high quality should be able to resist frequent use and keep its beautiful appearance over time.

Authenticity in terms of both culture and art:

Cultural legacy: Investigate the manner in which the retailer respects the cultural legacy of Blue Pottery. The cultural relevance of this art form is increased by a vendor who treats it with reverence and makes efforts to preserve it.

Artistic Integrity: Determine whether the vendor's Blue Pottery items accurately reflect the authenticity of this craft as well as the traditional methods used in its production.

Options for Payment and Guaranteed Safety:

Payment Methods: Ensure that you are aware of all of the different payment options that are offered by the vendor. Check to see if your method of choice for making payments is supported.

Payment Security: Check to see if the website of the vendor and the payment gateway are secure so that your financial information is protected when you are making transactions with them.

Reach either locally or globally:

Local vs. Global: You must decide if you would rather patronize local artisans and sellers or whether you would be open to acquiring Blue Pottery from vendors who have a global reach in order to choose which type of patronage you would prefer.

Import restrictions: If you plan to acquire something from a foreign merchant, you should educate yourself on any import restrictions, duties, or taxes that might apply to the item you intend to buy.


While assessing a supplier for Blue Pottery products, it is necessary to do a full analysis of a variety of variables. These factors include product quality and pricing, as well as customer service and ethical business methods. You will be able to make an educated decision and choose a seller that is in line with your interests and requirements if you give these aspects considerable consideration. This will ensure that your experience of acquiring Blue Pottery is one that is both rewarding and pleasurable.

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