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Sharda Construction & Architects
10 Employees


3,4 second floor, Near IT Park, Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun, 248001 Uttarakhand, India.

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Sharda Construction & Architects has been arranging and planning complex ventures for very nearly 15 years.

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Sharda Construction & Architects is widely regarded as one of the city of Dehradun's most prominent real estate construction companies and businesses overall. 

Dehradun's Top Architects & Construction Professionals! We offer a diverse selection of residential houses that may be bought by customers. Homes that are comfortable and welcoming can be crafted by Home Construction Company in Dehradun thanks to the standard facilities that they give. 

We are a company comprised of licensed and the best architects, contractors, interior designers, and renovators in the Dehradun area. We are considered to be among the most reputable builders in the Dehradun area.

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Everyone who lives in India secretly has the hope that they would one day be able to call Dehradun home. Despite this, the process of building a house in Dehradun is one that is extraordinarily challenging and time consuming. Building one's own home has been and will continue to be everyone's ultimate desire; but, doing so can be a highly taxing experience for the individual performing the building. One devotes their entire life to putting in hard work in order to bring their dream house into reality. A person constructs their own home not only with love and aspirations, but also with the concrete pillars and beams that are essential components of a house.

Everyone has the fantasy of designing and building their own house, but the actual process of doing so in India can be fraught with many difficulties. This is because the majority of the structures in Dehradun are created with traditional methods and are staffed by traditional people. This indicates that it is reliant on masons and contractors with just a moderate level of ability, as well as on technology that have become obsolete. It is also dependent on a large number of commodities (construction materials), and because each commodity goes through its own price cycle, this results in a great deal of variation in both the actual cost and the predicted budget. Since it is dependent on a large number of commodities (construction materials), it is also dependent on a large number of commodities. Because they cannot see everything in advance, homebuilders have only a very limited knowledge of how the whole thing will turn out. In spite of the fact that most people intend to spend less money, they frequently wind-up spending more. Because of it, they are deprived of peace, as well as financial and temporal resources, as well as the value of their home.

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We offer clients with budgets ranging from moderate to premium a specialized in-house home construction solution in this sector that is dominated by unorganized enterprises. Our clientele includes the most talented architect in Dehradun............ 


Sharda Construction & Architects is widely recognized as being among the most trustworthy construction companies operating within the confines of the city of Dehradun. At Sharda Construction & Architects Dehradun, the company lays a significant emphasis on corporate ethics, traditional values, and complete transparency. Furthermore, the customer is always put first at Sharda Construction & Architects Dehradun.

Some Specifics Regarding the Services that We Provide:


The delivery of our projects will occur on schedule and in accordance with the timetable that has been specified. If the handover is delayed for any reason, we will be subject to a fine for each day that the delay continues to persist.


One single payment that accounts for all costs incurred up until the point at which the project is completed and handed over.


We provide guarantee on the undertaking for a period of five years.


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Full-Service In-House Team Handles Architecture, Structural, Construction, Electrical, and Plumbing Work, as Well as Interior Design There Is No Need For Subcontractors

To our credit, we presently have 326 customers, 15 years of industry experience, 250 projects that have been completed, and 10 projects that are still active and being worked on. We are a licensed contractor who has the support of the relevant authorities. Kothi, Farmhouse, Commercial Complex, Civil Construction, Complete Residence and Complex Solution... are some of the areas of expertise that we cover as a company.

You currently have the possibility to GET A FREE QUOTE in the same moment. We are able to fulfill each and every one of your construction requirements under a single roof. We are widely known as the architects and construction specialists in Dehradun who hold the highest credentials. Our organization is made up of some of the most qualified and experienced architects, contractors, interior designers, and remodelers that the Dehradun region has to offer. We are widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy construction companies in the Dehradun region.

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After taking into account all of the significant factors that have an effect on the particular challenges that your home presents, our licensed architects construct a design that is well-considered and reflects both your individual aesthetic preferences and your way of life. This is done after taking into account all of the important aspects that have an impact on the specific challenges that your home presents.
Constructions. We are a team of builders who look at the opportunity to spend each and every day developing remarkable homes, long-lasting buildings, and trustworthy connections for future generations as a privilege.

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Our interior designers will thoughtfully present you with a well-judged interior design that is developed around you by taking into consideration your vision, taste, lifestyle, and goals. This will ensure that you are satisfied with the end result. This is accomplished by applying a strategy that is unique to each individual project. We have been involved in the development of hundreds of homes in the Dehradun area, assisting the owners of those properties in transforming them into the homes of their dreams. 

Founded on the ideas of providing fair pricing, making work of a high quality, and fulfilling all deadlines without fail as a matter of course.

For more information, please visit our website: Sharda Construction & Architects

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Sharda Construction & Architects is one of the best real estate builders & companies in Dehradun and that offers various residential properties:

Home Construction Company in Dehradun standard amenities are destined to become heartwarming homes.

We provide a full range of interior design, architectural design.

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Interior Design
  • Exterior Elevation
  • Landscape
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Renovation & Remodeling
  • Vastu Consultancy

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