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Pawna Lake Camping – Camping near Pawna lake is the best plan to trip near Lonavala – Pune, India.
Mr. Soham Bhegade
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Pawna lake camps, pawnanagar, thakursai - ajiwali road, Tal: Maval, Dist: Pune
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Hello all, welcome to the Pawna lake camping. Pawna camping is just an activity which promises peaceful nature along with one night tent-stay, unlimited meal, games and activities. This place is near to the smart cities like Mumbai and Pune so reaching our campsites is quite comfortable and easy.

We provide safe and best camping locations near Pawna Lake. We have total more than 8 locations to camp near Pawna. Apart from that our campsites are placed near Lonavala and Lonavala is much popular for its beauty and peace. There are plenty of locations near Lonavala to visit but there is another joy to visit Pawna lake.

Our campgrounds have modern facilities for family, couples and friend group. We should also keep in the mind that this is a natural place and we cannot get much comfort as you get in five-star hotels.

Other activities like Kayaking, boating, river rafting, thar riding and bull-cart riding are also available on the campground to make your camping experience more beautiful and unforgettable. Pawna lake camping is like visiting heaven near Lonavala. Our campsites are available on weekends and weekdays with beautiful lighting. You can get in touch with us on our official website to know more.

Pawnacamps Providing safe and enjoyable experiences is our number one priority. Our trained campsite staff are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our guests at all times. Relax in our pawna lakeside camping ground, enjoy home made testy food, make a barbecue, play indoor and outdoor games, build a campfire, listen music, and wake up to a fun-filled day of spectacular cold climate surrounds. Our camping ground provide modern amenities and is perfect for families, couples and groups.

The pawna campsites are kept in a natural state. Pawna lake camping is natural camping place, so please do not expect all the comforts or facilities of a commercial resorts. We do however offer toilets, convenience of parking your car at your campsite, mineral drinking water, wood-fired barbecue's and chairs, unlimited food, snacks, music & campfire. Whenever you exhausted with your day-to-day working life in a metro city like Mumbai and Pune, it is necessary to get your energy back. Here you will get an unforgettable camping experience with the near and dear ones. So Pawnacamps strongly recommend you to find us as one of the best service providers for camping in Lonavala, near Pune and forget all your worries in a spectacular holiday spot.

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