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Parisa Skin Cosmetic and Laser Centre – Skin Specialist Clinic – Chandigarh, India.
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Dr. Ashima Goel
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SCO 76, First Floor, Near Gopal Sweets, Sector 15 D, Chandigarh
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Parisa Skin Cosmetic and Laser Centre - Dr Ashima Goel is one of the best skin doctor in Chandigarh.

Worried about skin, hair or nail concerns? You can consult the eminent Skin Specialist in Chandigarh, Dr. Ashima Goel who has extensive experience of 14+ years in the field of dermatology, dermato surgery, and cosmetology. She practices at her own Parisa Skin Cosmetic and Laser Centre, well equipped with modern tools and technologies.

In the market, plenty of skincare options are available for women however, men find it hard to find products for their demographic suiting their needs and requirements. Even the products that are available do not offer a wide range of variety for men skincare focussing on specific skin problem. Men and women have different biology and thus their skin’s ecosystem also varies immensely from women.

Here are a few of the reasons why men need different skincare regimen than women.

1. Thicker skin :- Men tend to have 20-30% thicker epidermal layer of skin than women which results in improper absorption of products advertised for unisex use. For instance, the exfoliator which might work well for a female for taking out the dirt, oil, and dead cells will not be of any use for a male as the product might not be able to reach the impurities due to a thicker layer of the skin. However, cleansing twice a day and exfoliating twice a week is a must for both sexes to maintain clear skin.

2. Larger hair follicles :- The larger hair follicles in men results in the growth of beard and mustaches. The beard adds value to the overall personality of a person, however, constant shaving is responsible for skin irritation and dryness in men. Sometimes, people with curly hair can also develop ingrown hair resulting in red, bumpy and irritated skin. Beard dandruff is also an issue for people with bad hygiene. Thus, after shaving cream application is necessary to avoid any aftermath shaving issues. Also, beard oil can helps to maintain a thicker beard growth.

3. Oilier skin :- The increased male hormone level in men tends to more oil production in males leading to shiny and oily appearance. The excess production also leads to clogged pores lead to blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and pimples. The right balance of oil in the skin can be maintained only by finding the right cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. During puberty, males experience more oiliness due to fluctuating hormones and thus taking extra care of skin is important at that time.

4. Increased sebum production :- Sebum released by sebaceous glands in the skin keeps the skin looking younger and nourished. Sebum production in males is relatively higher than in women and it stays stable with the increasing age, whereas it decreases in women progressively with age which means that men are prone to acne while women have a tendency for dry skin with increasing age. A wrong skin care product can disturb the sebum level in your skin and lead to the inflammatory skin conditions. Also, men have larger and visible pores due to more active sebaceous glands. To regulate sebum production, men should always cleanse after any physical or outdoor activity. Sebum (oil) production in men is also higher than in women and stays stable with increasing age, whereas sebum production in women progressively decreases with age. That means that men have a higher tendency for acne, while women have more of a tendency for dry skin.

5. Higher collagen density :- More collagen production in men is responsible for the late appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in men. However, irregular or no use of sunscreen to protect from sun damage could lead to premature aging in men faster than the woman. Smoking and alcohol consumption can also alter the collagen levels in the skin.

6. Hydration :- While more oil production on the male skin can often seem like a pain but there is an advantage. The extra oil helps men’s skin retain moisture and does not seem and feel so dry and it is a well-known fact that moisturized skin combats aging. Hydrating rejuvenates the skin and provides the essential nutrients necessary to fight off aging. In addition, men tend to sweat more which keeps their skin naturally hydrated more often than women.

So, does that mean men need less skin care than women? Absolutely not! Although men should address their skin care differently than women they should also put the same amount of efforts into taking care of it. It will target the specific skin care needs that will eventually men age gracefully and keep their skin as healthy as possible.

For more information, call us at +91-9417169888 or +91-9780981403.

Read More Source Link :-  Men Need Different Skincare

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People of all age groups can address their skin, hair or nail concerns at Parisa Skin Cosmetic and Laser Centre with Dr. Ashima Goel, a leading Dermatologist in Chandigarh. With vast experience of 14+ years, she has earned a very good name in the field of dermatology, dermatosurgery, and cosmetology. For more information call +91-9417169888.

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