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Moonhive Pvt Ltd, Oogyy
Private Limited


Moonhive pvt ltd, 2nd floor Azeem tower TC 36/54(11), Eanchakkal PO, Pettah, Chakai, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695024, India.
+91 1800 890 7694

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Simplify Administration with Oogyy for your School, College or Coaching Centre

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Moonhive Pvt Ltd, Oogyy - Oogyy is an all-encompassing education administration platform that was designed with the intention of making it simpler for educational institutions to handle the administrative tasks that are a part of their day-to-day operations. 

Oogyy is an educational management software that was developed by Moonhive Pvt Ltd and is headquartered in Kerala, India.

It provides a variety of features that assist the proper management of educational organizations such as colleges and coaching centers. Oogyy not only makes administrative work simpler, but it also offers solutions for hybrid classrooms and tools for learning management. These features and solutions can assist educators in offering high-quality education in both traditional classroom settings as well as online circumstances.

The Criticality of the Timely Implementation of Oogyy's Hybrid Education and Instructional Management Solutions:

The COVID-19 epidemic has hastened the adoption of digital learning solutions, making it more necessary than ever for educational institutions to have a trustworthy and accessible platform that can support both physical and virtual learning settings. This is the case due to the fact that the epidemic has sped up the use of digital learning solutions. Traditional classrooms will continue to play an important role in the field of education; however, hybrid classrooms offer an adaptable and scalable approach to learning that enables educational institutions to reach a greater number of students and provide a wider range of educational opportunities. Although traditional classrooms will continue to play an important role in the field of education, hybrid classrooms offer an adaptable and scalable approach to learning that enables educational institutions to reach a greater number Oogyy is able to provide teachers with the tools essential to give interesting and fruitful lessons regardless of the environment in which the classes are being held by providing solutions for learning management and hybrid classrooms.

Moonhive Pvt Ltd, Oogyy

Oogy's Hybrid Classroom Offers the Following Features:

Tablets and Smart Pens Available at Reasonable Rates: Oogyy offers a wide selection of tablets and smart pens that may be utilized to engage kids in a variety of hands-on digital activities at prices that are reasonable. These gadgets were created to be user-friendly and welcoming, making it feasible for all students to take part in digital instruction and learning.

Combination of Traditional and Online Learning Environments The hybrid classroom solution offered by Oogyy enables teachers to maintain the same high standard of instruction and connection with their students regardless of whether the learning experience is taking place in a virtual or more conventional classroom. Because of this integration, students are able to participate in lessons and other activities independent of the geographical location at which they are now located.

By utilizing Oogyy's solution for hybrid classrooms, teachers can provide students with the opportunity to create personalized learning paths for themselves. These learning pathways can be modified to accommodate the particular needs of the pupils as well as the educational approaches that they like. Because it encourages participation and teamwork, utilizing this technique makes learning both more entertaining and productive. This is due to the fact that the strategy encourages interaction between students.

Taking in Comments and Suggestions Oogyy's hybrid classroom solution enables teachers to gather feedback both in-person and remotely, delivering insights that can be used to improve the learning experience for students. Through the Oogyy dashboard, one can gain access to these valuable insights.

Oogy's Learning Management Solution Includes the Following Key Attributes:

Friendly and Convenient User Interface for Learning Oogyy's learning management system has a user-friendly interface that can be accessible via mobile devices as well as the web. This functionality is available to users of the Oogyy product. Because of the user-friendly nature of this interface, educators may easily set up a learning environment in a matter of minutes and quickly onboard students.

Management of Evaluations Oogyy's learning management system enables instructors to manage student evaluations and keep track of their progress toward learning goals, as well as attendance and completion rates. In addition, the system enables them to monitor whether or not students are completing assignments. Because of these capabilities, it is now much simpler for educators to monitor the progress of their pupils and provide tailored support wherever it is required.

Support for All Varieties of Digital Educational Material Because the learning management solution offered by Oogyy is compatible with all forms of digital courseware, it enables teachers to make use of the materials that are most suitable for the manner in which they instruct their pupils.

Oogyy's learning management system provides a number of tools that facilitate successful teaching, such as digital whiteboards and live and recorded sessions. These tools are only few of the many that are available. Oogyy's solution for learning management incorporates a wide array of additional capabilities as well. The use of these tools makes it much simpler for educators to lead engaging and productive classroom discussions that keep students interested and on track throughout the entirety of the learning process.

The following are some of the advantages that come with Oogy's Hybrid Classroom and Learning Management Solutions:

When you use Oogyy's hybrid classroom and learning management systems, you increase your chances of achieving a wide range of desirable results. The following is a listing of some of the most significant benefits:

Accessibility and Inclusion: 

The hybrid classroom and learning management solutions offered by Oogyy are meant to be accessible and inclusive for all students, regardless of their location or background. This makes it possible for all students to participate in digital learning. Because Oogyy is dedicated to ensuring that their products are accessible to those with disabilities, this is now achievable.

Flexibility and Scalability: The hybrid classroom and learning management solutions that Oogyy offers provide educators with the flexibility and scalability they require to accommodate a larger range of students and adapt to changing learning environments. Oogyy's solutions are offered by Oogyy.

Instruction that is both interesting and useful to the learner, th hybrid classroom and learning management solutions provided by Oogyy make it possible for teachers to provide their students with lessons that are both entertaining and effective. As a result, teachers are able to keep their students motivated and on track with their studies.

Fo more information, please call us on +91 1800 890 7694or visit our website: Moonhive Pvt Ltd, Oogyy

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