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Narayan Seva Sansthan
500 Employees


Narayan Seva Sansthan Hiran Magri, Sector -4, Udaipur (Rajasthan) - 313001 INDIA

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Narayan Seva Sansthan’ is a non-profit Charity Organization with more than 480 branches in India

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Narayan Seva Sansthan - In the year 1985, a group that is now known as "Narayan Seva Sansthan" was established with a fistful of flour with the intention of providing free corrective surgery to individuals who were suffering from polio as well as other congenital defects. 

Patients who belonged to economically and physically challenged parts of society were the focus of the organization's efforts to provide services to those patients. The administrative headquarters of the organization are housed in the city of Udaipur, which can be found in the state of Rajasthan in India.

Poverty and malnutrition have always been major problems in India, particularly in the parts of the country that are the most rural and have the highest concentration of tribal people. People who were already living below the federal poverty level found themselves in an even more problematic condition as a result of COVID-19 because they were unable to find even minimal labor during this trying time. This caused their fragile status to become even more dire.

We are making constant efforts to get in touch with families that are having trouble making ends meet with the support of our program known as the Garib Parivar Ration Yojana (GPRY). As part of this program, we will be making monthly ration deliveries to the homes that are associated with our organization. These households will receive these rations as a benefit of their affiliation with our group. Every single one of these households is issued a Ration Card, and at the start of every single month, a grocery kit is brought to their house.

During this difficult time, there are many families that are in need of aid, and we are doing everything in our power to help an expanding number of families all over India who are in a situation that is comparable to their own. The Garib Parivar Ration Yojana is a program that provides disadvantaged households with a variety of food items, including wheat flour, lentils, cooking oil, and spices, amongst other things. These families can benefit from this program. 

It is guaranteed that no one in any of those houses will ever have to go to bed hungry because a supply sufficient to last the full month is provided to each and every household. We have so far delivered 35,333 ration kits over the entirety of the nation.

For more information, please call us on phone 917230012274 or visit our website: Narayan Seva Sansthan

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Narayan Seva Sansthan is a non-governmental organization that was established in 1984 with the mission of enhancing the quality of life of those who are less fortunate via the delivery of philanthropic services.

In 1985, the organization established its initial location in Udaipur, Rajasthan; however, it has since grown to encompass more than 480 locations all around the country. Patients afflicted with polio and other congenital deformities were eligible for free remedial surgery when the nonprofit organization was first established. This was the organization's primary mission from the beginning. These patients were from disadvantaged parts of society, both in terms of their physical health and their financial situation.

One of the key focuses of Narayan Seva Sansthan is the elimination of the fundamental issues that exist within the educational system. One of the other primary purposes of the organization is to provide those in need with free education as well as meals. In addition, they offer specially directed education for individuals who are deaf or dumb, as well as training in life skills and professional skill development for individuals who are visually impaired as well as individuals who have other forms of disabilities. It is the goal of these programs to equip individuals with the information and resources that will make it possible for them to improve not just their own lives but also the lives of their families and the communities in which they reside.

In addition to the various educational programs it provides, the organization also manages hospitals that have a combined total of 1100 available beds. Patients with polio and patients with other congenital defects who are in need of corrective surgery travel from all over the country and the world to these facilities in order to have the procedure at no cost to them. Patients are guaranteed to receive the very finest care that can be provided as a result of the company's employment of a group of devoted medical specialists who put in a lot of extra work in this regard. Patients are not required to pay anything in order to obtain any of the services that are offered by the organization. This includes access to the appropriate facilities, equipment, and prescriptions.

Narayan Seva Sansthan has been successful in completing over 430419 free-of-charge polio corrective procedures on patients to this day. These patients come from all walks of life and are not discriminated against based on their caste, creed, or religious affiliation. This exemplifies the organization's commitment to supporting people in need, regardless of the situations in which those individuals find themselves. Not only have the acts of the organization helped to better the lives of individuals, but they have also contributed to the breaking down of barriers associated with prejudice and inequality. This is because the actions of the organization have helped to enhance the lives of individuals.

Narayan Seva Sansthan has maintained its status as a leading organization in the sector of charitable service throughout its whole history. The group has been presented with a variety of accolades and distinctions in recognition of the quality of the work that it has produced, and it has received coverage in a significant amount of press on a local, national, and even international level. The work done by the organization has been acknowledged not only by the government but also by other philanthropic organizations, which has contributed to an increase in the organization's effect and reach. Other charitable organizations have recognized the work done by the organization.

In a nutshell, the Narayan Seva Sansthan is a preeminent philanthropic non-governmental organization (NGO) that is committed to bettering the lives of those who are less fortunate through the delivery of a vast assortment of programs and services. The mission of the organization is to improve the lives of those who are less fortunate in some way, whether that be by providing free education and meals, by providing specialized guided education for the deaf and dumb, or by developing life skills and professional skill development for the visually impaired and differently abled. All of these initiatives are part of the organization's commitment to bettering the lives of those who are less fortunate.

Not only have the efforts of the organization made people's lives better, but they have also helped to tear down the barriers of prejudice and inequality, and the organization will continue to work hard to make an impact on society that is both positive and constructive.

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