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Hypnosis Worldwide - Hypnosis for Therapies
Private Limited
Ron Thompson
3 Employees


806 A Townsite Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9S 1L7, Canada
[email protected]

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Welcome to Hypnosis! Our Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists use ‘Hypnosis as a Therapy’ to make positive changes.

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Hypnosis Worldwide - You've arrived at Hypnosis! 

Our Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists use a technique known as 'Hypnosis as a Therapy,' which is a completely natural, scientifically proven, and extremely effective method of mental wellness.

Hypnosis is a simple method of assisting in the creation of subconscious changes in behaviors, thoughts, attitudes, and feelings that can be incredibly life changing. Do you ever find yourself experiencing stress, depression, or anxiety? Sleeping problems, low self-esteem, or a lack of motivation are all common problems for people who struggle to get enough sleep. Perhaps you'd like to accomplish or make a change in your life, such as losing weight, quitting smoking, becoming a better public speaker, or overcoming a fear of some kind. You'd be surprised at how much can be accomplished through the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool. In order to schedule an appointment for an In-Office or Zoom online Hypnosis session, or to download an MP3 Self-Hypnosis program, you may want to book an appointment online. To schedule an appointment, please visit our website at today!

There are many and varied types of illnesses that can be treated with hypnosis at Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center, and the alternative health benefits of visiting this facility are directed towards these illnesses.

After just one hypnotic session, many people report an almost immediate sense of relief, calmness, deep relaxation, and emotional freedom from their problems. The way that Ron Thompson and Tracy Thompson, both of whom are professional, Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapists, use hypnosis techniques is to guide a person toward making positive changes that encourage their own mind to heal itself. Ron Thompson and Tracy Thompson are both professional, Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapists.

The most common issues that they assist people with are anxiety, depression, substance addictions and behavioral addictions, weight loss, quitting smoking, overcoming fears, overcoming phobias, overcoming stress, grieving, letting go of past relationships or abuse or trauma, overcoming pain, focusing the mind on healing, developing a better self image, developing and encouraging a person's confidence, helping and encouraging a person towards better performance in sporadically scheduled activities, and developing and encouraging a person towards better performance in

The authors, Ron and Tracy, understand that not everyone has the ability to attend a one-on-one session; therefore, they have created a number of online self-hypnosis MP3 audio downloads that are designed to assist you in a hypnotically assisted manner with a wide range of issues.

They can be listened to in the privacy and convenience of your own home at your convenience.

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At the Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center we work with client with issues like stress, fears, weight loss , sleep issues and so much more. 

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