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Mahak mountain breeze – Boost your mouth freshness instantly – New Delhi, India.
New Delhi


11/2A, Pusa Road, New Delhi
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Boost your mouth freshness instantly with Mahak Mountain Breeze. Choose from Spearmint, Mint Orange, Mint Elaichi, Bubble Mint Energy strips.

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Do you have bad impression while talking with anyone? Have your friends avoid you between conversation? What is the reason? May be due to bad breath! Wants to change their view about your oral odor?

So we think we have answer for all your questions here.

It is generally simple how to tell by anyone that you have bad breath. Unpleasant smell coming from mouth is Bad oral hygiene, which can make you feel low and less confident. Think how much its good that you got relief for bad odor in form of herbal supplements which you get in strips also in different flavour and its absolutely sugar free.

Now no more insult in front of your friends and colleagues. Here we have have best mouth freshener in India only at MAHAK MOUNTAIN BREEZE mouth freshener which give you fresh breath instantly. Mahak mouth freshener paper strips are the best product available in market to get relief from bad breath.

So be confident in front of other and feel refresh and active after long and tired activity and show your presence in parties, office, public area and make them comfortable also while talking. Let them come near to you by their own choice. Let them feel proud to be your friend. 

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