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Law Office of Amit Goyal
# 353, Sector- 17, Panchkula, Haryana 134109.


Room no-29, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh, 160001

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The provisions for crime are set under Indian Penal Code (IPC)

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Law Office of Amit Goyal
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How to File a Harassment Complaint Against a Neighbor:

In some cases, matter even quits fooling around and circumstance of documenting protest additionally happens. Here we will talk about what are the alternatives accessible for the individual being badgering by the neighbors.

Is Calling Police an Option?

Indeed, calling a police if your neighbor badgers you is a choice to go with. Best criminal lawyer in chandigarh  you have the choice to call the police by simply dialing the police number 100 and police will go to the spot referenced by you in the call. They will go to the spot and ask you the issue and afterward will make the move against them. Also, when they will arrive at the spot you ought to have adequate confirmation to demonstrate the badgering by neighbors.

Provocation through Nuisance

You might be living in a condo or in a duplex, regularly it occurs, when you hear uproarious music sound from the neighbor's home, you attempt to disregard that sound for to the extent that this would be possible however some of the time, such clamor may make life troublesome.  This sort of disturbance is characterized in Section 268 of the Indian Penal Act.

Segment 268 of the Indian Penal Code characterizes disturbance when the individual is blameworthy of an open aggravation when he does any demonstration which causes injury, peril or inconvenience to the general population or the individuals as a rule who live or possess the property in the area. A typical aggravation isn't pardoned on the ground that it causes some comfort or preferred position. In the event that this kind of badgering is looked by you from your neighbor, at that point, you can document an application under Section 268 of IPC in the court of justice.

Discipline of annoyance is characterized in Section 290 of IPC, which is unimportant Rs. 200 yet the court can do significantly more.In actuality, calling 100 is best as, after a visit or two from the police, such irritation is probably going to stop. In extraordinary cases, police may even seize the instruments that are utilized to cause aggravation like – amplifiers or sound boxes, or automatons, cameras or such different devices.

Now and again, police doesn't intercede regardless of laws being there as they don't care for additional work on their plate or on the grounds that the other party is powerful. In such cases, you may need to take help of legitimate specialists. We suggest you connect with

Badgering Through Mischief

At the point when you live in a duplex, you are sharing a typical divider.

In the event that your neighbor begins development in that normal divider you don't reserve the privilege to prevent him from building since it is his lawful right yet in the event that during the development work your property gets harmed, you can approach him to make up for the misfortune endured by you yet in the event that your neighbor will not pay you the sum, at that point you can record a case under –

Area 425 of IPC which expresses that whoever with aim to cause, or realizing that he is probably going to cause, unfair misfortune or harm to general society or to any individual, causes the annihilation of any property, or any such change in any property or in the circumstance thereof as crushes or lessens its worth or utility, or influences it harmfully, submits underhandedness.

You can document suit for revelation and required directive in a common court too.

You can guarantee harms in a similar suit.

Badgering Through Trespass

In the event that you live in a condo and park your vehicle in the leaving apportioned to you however you notice some time or another that the spot which has been allocated to you is been involved by some other individual at that point, you will just request that the individual empty the parking spot involved by him yet on the off chance that he/she won't do that, in the wake of being told or cautioned ordinarily, will add up to criminal trespass.

Criminal Trespass—

Whoever goes into or upon property in the ownership of another with plan to carry out an offense or to threaten, affront or pester any individual possessing such property, or having legitimately gone into or upon such property, unlawfully stays there with purpose in this way to scare, affront or disturb any such individual, or with goal to perpetrate an offense, is said to carry out "Criminal Trespass".

On the off chance that this sort of badgering is looked by you from your neighbors, you can document an application under Section 441 of IPC in the court of judge. What's more, the discipline of criminal trespass has been characterized in Section 447 of IPC in which three months detainment is referenced or fine of 500 rupees or with both.

Lewd behavior

There have been various cases enlisted with the police where the neighbor who was trusted the most and was never expected to submit anything of that sort, submitted lewd behavior of different natures, for example,

  • Passing lecherous remarks
  • Gazing
  • Terrorizing
  • Trespass for causing inappropriate behavior

Indeed, even addition of cameras for the chronicle of exercises in a local house. In the event that this kind of provocation is looked by you from your neighbor, you can record an objection with the nearby police. The most ideal approach to do this is to call 100 and portray the difficult you are confronting. It is critical to gather and safeguard proof and afterward giving the equivalent to the police.


Provocation in India is turning into a typical issue these days. There are different kinds of provocation looked by the individuals in India through underhandedness, trespass, irritation and inappropriate behavior. There are different laws made remembering the sorts of provocation. Best criminal lawyer in chandigarh  in the event that one needs to get equity, at that point he should adhere to the laws to get equity. On the off chance that you know about some other sort of provocation looked by the individuals in your neighborhood, don't hesitate to make reference to about it in remarks beneath.

Likewise drop your perspectives in regards to by what other method the instance of badgering be handled. Remember to share the article.

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