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Kulkarni Classes Pune – Best Engineering Classes – Pune, India.
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3rd Floor, Laxmi Balwant, Above Hotel Surabhi,J M Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune - 411005
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Kulkarni's Classes is the one the best engineering classes in pune which provides you an best coaching in all the subjects related to diploma and degree such as m-1, m-2, m-3, mechanic, graphics, drawing, basics science, App. Science. We have professional trained teachers for Mechanical, Civil, I.T. (Computer), E&TC.

Expertisation in Engineering graphics , Engg. Maths, Engg. Mechanics:

Kulkarni’s Engineering Classes started in 2010, with the aim to help student to secure higher marks & top ranking in their academic studies. We achieved this through continues counseling of student making sure that each student has a sound, solid understanding of basics of each subject . Our excellent faculties, by their continuous effects make a each student comfortable to understand each & every single concept of their respective subjects. This is been reflected in the results of the student of Kulkarni’s Classes for several years.

Key Features of Kulkarni’s Engineering Classes:

1) Online Test Series
Apart from the regular unit wise tests , this series enhances the student by improving their ability to solve online test in time. This test series consist of no. Of multiple choice questions (MCQ’s) which is a time based tests for the students.

2) 3D-D Models of Graphical Solid
In a way to increase the graphical imaginations of each & every student for solving the problems of engineering graphics very easily. 3-D model of solids such as prism, cone, pyramids etc. are prepared. These solids play a vital role in understanding the concept of graphics & is helping student with a great ease.

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