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Private Limited
Dayaram Dangal
800 Employees
Andheri West, Mumbai, Kathmandu Nepal, Bangkok Thailand, Majnukatila, Delhi.


Magarpatta City, Hadapsar Pune, Maharashtra India, 411028

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Importonic, Organic Products Import and Global export Service. Managed by RedcoZ Inc.

Business Description

Importonic ( - Participate in the Organic Movement! Spices are at the heart of Indian cuisine.

India is home to a huge range of spices that can be used in both Indian and international recipes.

What Makes Us Who We Are?

RedcoZ Inc. owns and operates We Importonic. RedcoZ is India's foremost online classifieds company in business (RedcoZ Business), recruitment (JobMajesty), matrimonial, and other categories. As one of the country's few profitable pure play internet companies, RedcoZ is one of the country's most profitable pure play internet companies ( Marriagerr).

It is our pleasure to be your favorite store.

India produces high-quality food and fast-moving consumer items, and it grows and manufactures them (FMCG). In particular, Importonic specializes in providing high-quality Indian spices, such as turmeric, kashmiri lal mirch powder, ginger dry powder, coriander powder, and jaggery, all of which are shipped by sea or air. We source all of our items directly from Indian farmers and manufacturing companies. We package the goods in accordance with the client's specifications.

Importonic (

Why Should You Choose Us?
BEST QUALITY: Prior to shipment, our products are subjected to quality inspections by regulatory agencies to ensure the safety of our clients.
FRESH FOOD: We Provide Food Products Of International Quality While Maintaining The Natural Beauty Of The Environment.
DIRECT FROM THE PRODUCER: We source our products directly from the farmers and manufacturers who produce them.

Consider taking part in the Organic Movement!
The use of spices is essential in Indian cuisine. Spices from India can be used in both Indian and international recipes, and the country is home to a diverse selection of spices. We are a global exporter of our organic fruits and veggies, which are extremely healthy and obtained organically.

You’ll adore our naturally tasty, mineral-rich, certified organic jaggery if you’re seeking for a healthy alternative to regular sugar for sweetening, cooking, and baking. It’s manufactured from the juice of organically farmed sugarcane, which is extracted to create a beautiful, rich, healthful sweetener that’s been used in traditional Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, and Bangladeshi cuisines for centuries.

In India, jaggery is known as “gur” and is used in sweet and savoury foods as well as beverages. It contains natural vitamins and minerals not found in table sugar, such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium, because it is pressed from organic sugarcane. Even Ayurveda, an ancient medical system, recognises the value of jaggery in maintaining good health.

The fuel of choice is the dried sugarcane bagasse. The boiling sugarcane juice is cleaned using very small quantities of baking soda (and in some cases the juice of okra stems) to bring up all the dirt and impurities. It is then filtered and the dregs are used in the farm as manure to fertilize the fields.

We are the exporter  of organic grocery and vegetables. 

Contact us for more information about our extremely healthy products and services at [email protected], [email protected], or by phone at +91 8637531339.

Products / Services


  • Authentic Indian Spice – Create mouth-watering dishes with the right spices. This kashmiri red chilli powder is a must-have spice for bringing the best flavor out of curries, sabjis, or dal
  • Soothe Your Digestive Tract – Struggling with indigestion? Red chillies stimulate the secretion of digestive juices in the gut, which help you digest and absorb nutrients from the food you eat.
  • Supports Healthy Weight Management – Red chillies are rich in capsaicin, a natural compound that may help suppress the appetite, support thermogenesis, and promote normal metabolism.
  • Assist Your Immunity – Help your body defend against unseen threats. Red chillies are naturally rich in vitamin c, which may help strengthen the immune system and defend against free radicals.

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