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Freezing Mechanical Air Conditioning – Design, Installation, Maintenance and Service repairs – Street Miami Gardens, FL 33014, US.
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Miami Gardens
Miami Gardens
4808 NW 167 Street Miami Gardens, FL 33014


4808 NW 167 Street Miami Gardens, FL 33014
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(305) 363-7021

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Everything we do is driven by our team’s comprehensive approach to heating and cooling solutions and customer centered care. From the initial design phase, to system installation, maintenance and service repairs, we stand by our customers every step of the way. When you first come to Freezing Mechanical Air Conditioning Services, it’s only the beginning of a lasting relationship and reliable partnership.

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Our requirement for quality, rapid feedback, adaptable organizing and affordable funding alternatives make us the location's leading HVAC Firm. At Freezing Mechanical Corp, Miami our entire team from our NATE-certified and very trained specialists, to our House Comfort Advisors and also friendly reps-- is devoted to giving premium quality solution to homeowners of Miami.

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