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Fansmark ( – Connect with your celebrities fans – Chennai, India.
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#19/49 Poonga Nagar 3rd Street, Thiruvottiyur, Chennai-600019.
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Fansmark is a social networking mobile app that connects fans club members of cinema, leader & sports celebrities.

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Fansmark is a free fans club social media networking mobile app connecting every celebrity fans of cinema, leader & sport celebrities globally. Share updates, trending news, photos & stay connected with all fans.

 application gives each celebrity with a profile feed and their celebrity fans can follow their celebrity profile to engage world wide fans by faster sharing the latest news on celebrities, trues behind rumors and real facts, social updates, song releases, first look posters, teaser and trailer releases, seasonal greetings and much more.


The founders also have extra care to incorporate features like radar, social feeds, rewarding top fans with marks, individual profiles for fans, copyrighting images with watermarks and much more. The highlight feature of all is that each fan would be assigned a 8 digit Fan Membership ID (FM ID) which will facilitate easier search and locating of fans, creating personalized wallpapers, posters, videos and much more without losing credits to the work.

Special Features & Benefits of Fansmark social networking app:

Fansism:It enables you to know instantly, what’s happening around your favourite celebrity and his fans.

Fan Feeds:Now access fans related feeds like “Ask, Results etc, built with ultimate fans requirement.

Fansmark Application

Easy Profile:Short and meaningful profile details that help other users to find like-minded fans.

Marks:Fansmark introduced a new feature to the world by giving marks to your favourite people and fans to make every day a fun day.

Watermark for Profile Pictures:Convert your text as watermarks to keep your profile picture secure and it prevents from anti theft and other miscreants by eliminating anti-social people.

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