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Dr. Deepika's Wellness
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Dr. Deepika Malik
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133 Sector 27, Galleria Road, DLF Phase-IV, 122009, Gurgaon, Haryana
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Dr. Deepika's Wellness - Weight Loss Diet Plan, Diet With Weight Loss, Weight Management, Online Diet Consultation - Gurgaon, India

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Dr. Deepika Malik is known as one of the best dietitian & nutritionist in Delhi NCR. Instead of making strict weight loss diet plan to be followed by, she suggests simple lifestyle modifications and nutritional strategies. Dietician Deepika takes care of each & every bit of individual's lifestyle & food habits. She advises customized diet plans that works best based on a person’s lifestyle, current fitness levels and long-term goals.

When there are so many weight loss clinic, online diet consultation available its quite tough job to choose the best one for you. People usually prefer that clinic or dietician which are referred by their family & friends. Dietician Deepika Malik has more than 60% of the patients through reference for various health wellness & fitness services like PCOS, arthritis, diabetes, corporate diet plans, diet plan for good skin & hair, pre/post pregnancy diet plans, post pregnancy weight loss diet plan, pre wedding diet plan for bride.

Besides being the top dietician & nutritionist in Delhi NCR, Dietitian Deepika is an ayurvedic doctor she has a passion for ayurveda & to retreat the benefits of ayurveda in today's era. Healing through ayurveda have proven its significance from the ancient times that's why Dr. Deepika wants to keep that practice alive by serving her patients with ayurvedic treatment. She firmly believes to make people aware of healthy eating & being fit by indulging themselves in the best practice of living in their early age rather than treating their taste buds with the food which they don't like in their later age. Dr. Deepika's Wellness offers nutrition-aided solutions for different age groups with consideration for each person’s from children to senior age citizens with their unique health demands.

Being thin & skinny doesn't mean that you are fit & healthy. Every individual has different metabolism & body weight which is calculated by BMI, BMR by keeping BMI & BMR calculation in record your diet plans are made or customized accordingly. Instead of following a weight loss diet plan blindly available on internet you should follow the diet plan which has been exclusively made for you by your dietician or nutritionist.

After losing weight the next major step is weight loss management which has to be practiced & monitored regularly by your dietitian to keep yourself in the same weight & figure. It's always better & easy to follow the weight loss management diet program which goes parallel with your lifestyle instead of moulding yourself & your lifestyle towards a different weight loss management diet plan. For online diet consultation, best, quick & effective result, consult an awarded dietitian clinic Dr. Deepika's Wellness – weight loss clinic in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR awarded with Business & Service Excellence Award & Global Healthcare Excellence Award in 2014.

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