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Decisionmakersglobal Pvt. Ltd
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Octagon, Cheppad PO, Alappuzha District, Kerala State - 690507
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Business Summary

Online Executive Staffing Solutions; about 1.3 Million contacts of Supervisors, Managers and Executives globally available plus a fully-automated business software.

Business Description

Decisionmakers Global  - We are a 100% Client-focused Online Executive talents Search portal dedicated to supervisory, managerial and executive level candidates. 

We are a headhunter gone online! And we work to add value to our clients. For you to know how we add value to client-organizations, you need to know what we do not do in the first place:

Decisionmakersglobal Pvt. Ltd
Representational Picture:
"Our clients will be happy to know that we are a 100% client-centric online search portal exclusively for three categories of candidates namely Executives, Managers and Supervisors"

We do not offer the following services to candidates whom our own clients seek to hire: 

No Eye-catching Resume writing services

  • No letter writing services
  • No interview training Services
  • No Recruiter Connect Services – by which candidates can get in touch with clients.
  • No Resume optimization services
  • No personal marketing services. 

Although these services are money-spinners, yet making them available to candidates whom our own clients seek to hire are grossly unethical. They are not only unproductive but also money-and time-wasting initiatives for a client. Imagine the frustration, waste of efforts and precious time wasted of senior executives in arranging interviews, travelling to destinations for personal interviews, spending considerable time in discussions with candidates who present impressive ‘bought-out’ resumes and are “trained to take interview questions” only to realize them to be utterly failing to meet up to clients’ expectations during interviews. Even if they overcome the interview barrier for the training they have received from such Service-providers, chances are high that they may turn out to be disasters on the job! Interviewers cannot rip open their brains; they must rely on intuitions, logical assumptions and presumptions. After all, they too are humans and prone to errors. A failed hire throws the top management back to the same old situation where they have to begin all over again. Any value-added service-provider must understand this genesis and not generate revenues by creating such disastrous situations for their clients.

We do not believe in walking a Client through an expansive stack of 50 million candidates when a client is interested in selecting a few talented professionals. It will be counter-productive if a Client is forced to review more than a dozen candidate-profiles for a single assignment. If a client can hire a candidate to a senior position out of a dozen profiles, it will be an ideal scenario. 

We will present through our portal an effective alternative to headhunting and make available qualified, skilled and experienced candidates to Supervisory, Managerial and Executive positions for a fraction of the costs involved in headhunting. Each candidate presented on our portal has been carefully ‘hand-picked’ by our Senior Consultant who has 28 years of experience in Executive Search & Selection Practices.

We headhunt, pre-screen and present candidates to Supervisory, Managerial and executive-level positions and make them available online for further scrutiny by client-organizations. This eliminates the cumbersome tasks of pre-screening hundreds of resumes coming from different quarters. Therefore, you will not find millions of candidates in our databank.

Planning to hire a Decision-maker? Rely confidently on us for carefully hand-picked professional candidates to Supervisory, Managerial and Executive-level positions! Happy browsing! And Thank you!

Products / Services


Key Strengths (USPs)  

  • We are an Executive Search & Selection Services firm gone online. Our Senior-most Search Consultant has 28 years of executive search and selection services experience in the GCC.
  • We have a 100% client-centric approach. Our vision is to present candidates to middle, senior and executive-level positions so as to reduce considerably the costs of executive hiring.
  • The only platform as of today offering online executive search.
  • Qualitative database strictly controlled and carefully monitored with no place for candidates to any positions other than Executives, Managerial and Supervisory positions.
  • We do not offer a platform for online recruitment. Nor do we offer services such as Resume Writing Services, Resume Optimization Services, Resume Featuring, Recruiter Connect Services, Salary Negotiation Training Services, Interview Training Services (and a host of other services) to candidates, whom client organizations seek to hire. We consider such services as mere money spinners, utterly unethical and not keeping with the best Executive Search & Selection practices. For a client, these are not only unproductive but also counter-productive and money-wasting time-killers.
  • All candidates presented here are carefully handpicked and by our Senior Executive Search Consultant. (We know that for a business of this nature to sustain, we should add considerable value to our client organizations which we shall continually strive to deliver).
  • We do not believe in making available 25 to 30 million candidates to a client interested in hiring a senior position or two. We believe that it will be counter-productive if a client is prompted to review more than a dozen candidates for a single assignment. If a client can hire a candidate to a senior position out of a dozen profiles, it will be an excellent scenario.  
  • Our experience affirms that the Hiring Executive should not be presented with more than a dozen candidates for an Executive, Managerial or Supervisory position, and that the Hiring Executive should have minimum three comfortable choices from among the dozen candidates with the right mix of qualifications, experience and other criteria in his first choice candidate failing which the 2nd choice or a third one.  

Our Core Focus shall be to:  

  • Focus on Executive, Managerial and Supervisory positions
  • Focus on Quality rather than Quantity
  • Create a variable and cost-effective structure
  • Considerably reduce executive hiring costs
  • Ensure repeat business
  • Offer professional business satisfaction
  • Ensure the platform is meant to promote clients’ business and add value
  • Promote professionalism and conduct business along ethics and values


Decisionmakersglobal was the one and only online executive staffing solutions provider catering solely to executives in three categories. It was a disruptive idea but unfortunately I had to leave the business. It carried tremendous success and growth potential and I was expecting to achieve break even in the very first year itself. The growth potential is very high as you can see from the pricing model - Supervisory profile in the range of 10-12 $, Managerial cadres in the range of $ 15-18 and Executive cadres in the range of 22-25 $ each profile. Clients will download profiles only after they have read the profile. The profile itself does not have the candidate's contact details but when he downloads on payment, the contacts get included automatically. The purchased profile gets automatically gets transferred to the client's email as well as to his folder under his account. The project blueprint in totality had about 300 pages which ultimately got translated into PHP codes.

Major Customers

This is a global online e-commerce business. Our strength is in making available at start-up about 1.3 Million contacts of executives worldwide. However, we initially wanted to launch operations in the following 17 countries: GCC (6 countries) India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, US, UK. This business focuses solely on executive categories and our pricing was on a per-profile basis. The software enables search, selection and online review of the product before the buying decision can me taken.

We have developed a logarithm for the pricing based on which the system will automatically calculate it based on several factors including the nationality, job category, education, experience etc. Eleven factors are considered for the pricing.

Customer Impression

Prestigious Projects

Unlike Naukri, Monster or any other online job portals, our business model is unique. While they sell candidate profiles in blocks, which must be consumed over a period of time, our pricing is on a per profile basis. Naukri/Monster - for example, 100 views, 200 views etc. for xxx and xxxx amounts. Not Decisionmakers Global. Our pricing is on a per profile basis and we can afford to do so because we do not have candidates registered below the supervisory level. If there are any registrations of candidates below the supervisory levels, we will permit free downloads by existing clients on a limited basis. This limit can be set by the admin.

If I were to discuss only the key features of the Business Software, I would require about 10 pages without which it will be incomplete. It is so extensive that it fully automates the business until invoicing and thereafter you can generate various reports. A list of these reports itself will take one full page or more. There are several impressive features to the domain software one of which is the registered candidate’s ability to post a doubt by way of a question which will reach all the registered candidates across the world within his job family and they can respond back thereby making the portal highly interactive and professionally enjoyable.

The software permits automatically introducing at the click of a button category discounts, seasonal discounts volume discounts and Prime-membership discounts all of which can also be managed by the system admin.

Customer Testimonials

The below are all REAL endorsements. Originals (in digital form) are available with me. These people occupy senior levels and you should be able to reach them, if they are still on the job.

"One of the Best Agencies we have dealt with so far"

Hi Kailash (Kailash was the CFO of Cone Cranes Middle East in Dubai)

(He is referring us to another organization)

Let me take the liberty of recommending one of the best agencies we have dealt with so far. Between 1) Grafton 2) Spanglerfox 3) Jerry Varghese International 4) Clarendon Parker and several other international staffing agencies, we have found  them to be unparallell in terms of the right quality candidates exactly matching our requirements.

Abraham Samuel

Director, Corporate Development

 Al Khodari & Sons, Saudi Arabia

Now the below endorsement was received from the Company to whom the above reference was made! 

"The quality of resumes has been of a very high standard which had played a significant role in achieving this high success ratio"

Dear ……   (Name withheld) …(My name) 

It is our pleasure to express our appreciation of your services in the area of staffing and recruitment for the past two years. We have been able to profile for specific senior roles in our organization extremely promptly. The quality of resumes has been of a very high standard as a result of which we have had a success ratio of 80% in concluding strategically important positions within our corporation within our target time-frames.  We believe that your expertise in making available profiles of senior, middle and engineering management cadres has played a significant role in achieving this high success ratio. We will recommend your organization to anyone for your ability to make available the best fits to corporate positions. 

Phillip Kuruvila

HR & Administration Manager

Demag Middle East 

"Highly preferred talent sourcing partner"

Mr. ……(Name withheld- My name) has been our highly preferred talent sourcing partner who has in these past years fulfilled most of our Directorial and Senior Manager positions, and I can therefore vouch for their excellent services.

Abraham Samuel

Director, Corporate Development

 Al Khodari & Sons, Saudi Arabia

"Brilliant performers"

I am compelled to acknowledge that I have had a great pleasure in working with your organization on a multitude of senior assignments. Your expertise in this area is phenomenal which makes your organization a brilliant performer. I firmly believe that your USP lies in making available excellent profiles keeping in mind the clients’ aspirations which is hard to see in many other agencies I have worked with. Wish you the very best and hope our business association prosper further to deliver mutual benefits for both our organizations.


Senior Corporate Supervisor – Staffing

Al Jomaih Automotive Company

Note: Al Jomaih are distributors of General Motors in the Middle East


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