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Crown Digital Marketing
Jordan King
8 Employees


6030 88st Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6E 6G4

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PPC, digital marketing, and social marketing experts helping small and medium-sized businesses grow.

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Crown Digital Marketing - Jordan King launched Crown Digital Marketing in 2022, when the company was first conceived. 

Since it was founded, the company has worked closely with a great number of well-known brands, supplying them with the means to accomplish the goals they set for themselves and facilitating their growth into new domains. 

We are a digital marketing company that offers a diverse set of services and has considerable experience working in the real estate, technology, and marketing verticals. Because of this, we are happy to help our clients achieve business success and to push them beyond the boundaries that have been set for them. When it came to assisting the expansion of smaller brands working within the environmental and legal industries, the agency's initial goal was to streamline the sales pipeline and have the pleasure of increasing fantastic returns for our customers. In addition, the agency's goal was to increase fantastic returns for our customers. 

We are now working with well-known brands and companies in the hotel, real estate, and online shopping industries, and we are also continuing to expand the scope of our portfolio in general. The relationships we have with our customers and the interactions they have had with us are the most significant aspects of our brand, and we are extremely proud of the accomplishments they have made as a result of those relationships. Crown Digital Marketing is the company you need to collaborate with if you want to build a brand, improve client acquisition and sales pipeline, and truly expand your company's reach in the marketplace. They employ a highly individualized approach that is tailored specifically to the specifications of your business. 

You need to get rid of any bottlenecks that exist in your company, figure out which KPIs are vital based on the specific demographics of the audience you are trying to reach, and focus on constructing a revenue-building model that is highly personalized to best practices and in-depth audits. We apply a number of different strategies in order to identify the solution that is the greatest fit for the problem, and we will maintain an open communication line in order to acquire an accurate image of the key sources of discomfort that you are experiencing in your life. Please get in touch with us, as we would be delighted to be of assistance to you with the expansion of your business.

Jordan King launched Crown Digital Marketing in 2022 as a comprehensive digital marketing company. Jordan King is the company's only proprietor. The consultancy maintains a key emphasis on offering its customers with solutions that are not only individualized but also motivated by the outcomes they are intended to achieve. The organization has proven itself to be a trustworthy and dependable partner for businesses who are working to expand their operations and broaden their sphere of influence. 

This is because the agency has a significant amount of experience working in the real estate, information technology, and marketing verticals.

For more information, please call us on phone 7809151525 or visit our website: Crown Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Services.

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Crown Digital Marketing is now a highly successful agency that collaborates with well-known brands and enterprises in the hotel, real estate, and online shopping industries.

The firm's growth has allowed it to become more successful than its competitors. The company began its start by providing assistance to lesser-known businesses in the fields of environmental and legal work. Since then, it has broadened its audience to include customers from the hotel industry, those in the real estate industry, and those who purchase online. Because the advertising agency is committed to producing exceptional results, it is proud to have had the opportunity to increase its clients' fantastic returns and streamline their sales pipelines. As a result, the advertising agency is delighted to have had the chance to accomplish both of these goals for its clients.

At Crown Digital Marketing, we place a significant amount of importance on getting to know the specific requirements and goals of each client and coming up with highly individualized strategies to assist them in meeting those requirements and achieving those goals. In doing so, we are able to better serve our clients and provide them with better results. With the assistance of a group of knowledgeable and experienced professionals, the agency is able to eliminate bottlenecks in their clients' businesses, determine which key performance indicators (KPIs) are relevant based on their target demographics, and concentrate on a revenue-building model that is adapted to best practices and in-depth audits. All of these tasks are carried out with the aim of improving their clients' bottom lines.

Crown Digital Marketing provides its clients with a number of strategies in order to choose the solution that is most suited to each individual client's business. This enables the client businesses to provide the best potential results to their respective customers. This can be achieved by keeping lines of communication open with consumers in order to obtain a profound understanding of the issues that give them the greatest distress and the challenges they encounter. The agency places a significant amount of focus on the generation of outcomes that matter, and it works incredibly hard to assist its customers in accomplishing their goals and increasing their businesses.

If you are looking for a business partner who is dedicated to supporting you in establishing your brand, improving your capacity to recruit new consumers, and expanding your company, then Crown Digital Marketing should be your first and only choice. By capitalizing on its excitement for delivering results and its drive to reaching greatness, the company is committed to aiding its clients in accomplishing the goals they have set for themselves and broadening the scope of their horizons.

Get in touch with Crown Digital Marketing as soon as possible if you are prepared to take the next step toward achieving greater levels of success in the pursuits of your organization. The group would be overjoyed to gain knowledge from you and to assist in your own growth. Crown Digital Marketing have the expertise as well as the experience required to be of assistance to you in reaching the results you are looking for.

It makes no difference if you run a small business and want to expand your customer base, or if you run a well-known brand and want to enhance your sales pipeline; they are able to assist you in any case.

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