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Cemach Machineries Ltd
Mr. Jayesh Khambhayata
50 Employees


Plot No 1,2 & 3, Ramdev Ind. Estate, Ramol Chokdi, Vatva GIDC, Phase IV, Vatva, Ahmedabad - 382445, Gujarat, INDIA.

About Business

Business Summary

CEMACH Manufacturer and Exporters of Pharmaceutical Machines, Tablet Press Machine, Roll Compactor Machine, Tablet Deduster Machine, Dust Extractor Machine, Colloid Mill Machine, R & D equipments, Tablet Dies and Punches for Tablet Compression Machine etc.

Business Description

Cemach Machineries Ltd - Established in the 1980s, the company has since developed into a well-known supplier of multifunction pharmaceutical machineries and equipment. 

We never stop working toward the goal of becoming the most reliable service provider of tablet tooling technology. We are a manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical machineries and equipment for PILOT manufacturing as well as production on a SMALL SCALE.

At CEMACH, all of the pharmaceutical machinery, including the Roll Compactor, is constructed using superior components, cutting-edge production methods, and rigorous quality control measures. Our Products are meticulously designed to function at their very best while remaining extremely cost efficient. We ensure that our goods are accurate to a high degree and that they meet international quality standards by employing tight quality control as well as precise and advanced methods of inline and final inspections.

Our Main products:

Tablet Press, Roll Compactor, Roller Compactor, Tablet Dies and Punches Roll Compactor, Tablet Press.

Compactors for rolls used in India

We are one of the most successful businesses in India and the world that provides roll compactors of the highest possible quality. To accommodate a wide range of applications, we provide:


We are able to produce a range of TABLET COMPRESSION MACHINES, suitable for use with volumes ranging from low to high. Machineries such as VEGA PRESS I, VEGA PRESS II, VEGA PRESS IV, SINGLE SIDED, DOUBLE SIDED, and R&D TABLET PRESS are available from our company in order to fulfill the needs of the industry. The High-Speed Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press with Pre-Compression Facility is created as per the demanding GMP regulations. This press offers exact weight control as well as cost effective operations.

In the pharmaceutical business, the ROLLER COMPACTER is the tool of choice for dry granulation. Depending on the product's beginning density, increasing the bulk density of the product can either be done in one pass or in two or three separate passes. ROLLER COMPACTORS of superior quality are produced by our company in India and exported worldwide. In response to the requirements of the market, we provide both a MINI ROLL COMPACTER and a ROLLER COMPACTER. A plain, water-jacketed, or flameproof model is offered in addition to the compact design.

We are also expert manufacturers of allied Equipements like the below listed below:

Tablet De-duster, Deburring Dust Extractor, and Dust Extractor:
Tablet de-dusting machines are high-tech machinery used to clean tablets after they have been punched out by a press or punching machine. These machines have a low level of maintenance requirements, are simple to clean and have parts that are simple to replace.

Comminuting Mill:
The CEMECH Comminuting Mill is a genuine GMP model that is also extremely adaptable in terms of operation and maintenance.

Oscillating grinder:
The Oscillating Granulator Machine may perform the granulation process in either a wet or dry state. A unique Oscillatory rotor motion assures High production and efficient granulation.

Multi mill:
This multi mill is used for granulating both wet and dry materials as well as pulverizing them. Sifter Separates solids from solids. Especially in situations where a substantial amount of material must be processed through increasingly finer screens.

Colloid mill:
Grinding to an extremely fine powder, mixing, emulsifying, dispersing, and homogenizing both the liquid and the ointment all at the same time. Stainless steel 304 is used in the production of all contact parts (SS 316 on demand at extra charges). Castings are not used in this process in order to eliminate contamination issues. All of the machinery is constructed out of high-quality materials, which guarantees that it won't make any noise, won't require any maintenance, and won't waste any money.

The horizontal drive, which does not require any sort of upkeep whatsoever. It includes a three-phase AC motor with an adjustable speed that can go anywhere from 0 to 410 revolutions per minute.

The punches and dyes are of superior quality, which contributes to the product's exceptional performance and extended lifespan.

We have earned our customers' trust by adhering to quality standards, offering excellent service, and reacting quickly to their needs. CEMACH has established its reputation as a trend setter in the pharmaceutical machinery market by adhering to ethical standards in business and by offering unwavering assistance to each and every one of its customers.

For more information and to take next steps, please visit our website: Cemach Machineries Ltd

Products / Services


  • Pharma Equipments
  • Horizontal Drive
  • Double Sided Rotary Tableting Machine
  • High Speed Rotary
  • Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press
  • Mini Roll Compactor
  • Roll Compactor
  • Coating Pan
  • Tablet Inspection Machine
  • Dust Extractor Machine
  • Siftr Machine
  • Oscillating Granulator

Article About Business

The precision and the advancement needs of the manufacture of pharmaceutical equipment:

The manufacture of pharmaceutical goods requires the utilization of many pieces of machinery and equipment specific to the pharmaceutical industry. These machines and equipment are extremely important to the process of producing a finished product that is secure, of high quality, and highly effective. Tablet presses, capsule filling machines, equipment used for sterilizing, and packaging machines are some examples of the types of machinery and equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is necessary to have a high level of precision as well as attention to detail in order to manufacture pharmaceutical machinery and equipment. This is due to the fact that these machines and equipment are employed in the production of goods that are intended for consumption by humans, and any mistakes or defects that occur in the machinery or equipment might have severe repercussions. As a direct consequence of this, producers of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment are subjected to stringent quality control standards and regulations, which must be followed in order to guarantee that their wares satisfy the relevant specifications and prerequisites.

The creation of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment necessitates, in addition to stringent quality control measures, an in-depth familiarity with the production process as well as the particular specifications necessary for each product. This involves having knowledge about the components that are utilized during the manufacturing process, as well as the machinery and tools that are required to create the end-use item.

In general, the production of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment is a difficult and time-consuming procedure that calls for a significant amount of experience as well as in-depth industry knowledge. Manufacturers can help ensure the safety, quality, and effectiveness of the finished pharmaceutical products by developing high-quality machinery and equipment.

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