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Beeta Machines Pvt. Ltd.
10 Employees
New Delhi


Beeta Machines Pvt. Ltd, E - 49/8, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase - 2, New Delhi - 110020 (India).

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Furthermore, their stimulating characteristics not only help you keep your cleanliness, but they also renew and reinvigorate your look.

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Beeta Machines Pvt. Ltd. - Facial tissues are one of the most important items that should be kept in every person's toolkit. 

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The Key to Refreshment and Convenience is as follows:

Facial tissues are one of the most important items that should be kept in every person's toolkit. It is intended to provide gentle care for your face's delicate skin, allowing it to remain clean and fresh throughout the day. The best facial tissues are unaffected by your hectic schedule, and they also ensure that any debris on your skin is removed as soon as it comes into contact with the tissue.

Their stimulating characteristics, on the other hand, not only assist you in maintaining your cleanliness, but they also renew and reinvigorate your overall appearance. Face tissues will instantly improve your appearance, regardless of where you are or how you appear to others. Facial tissues are distinctive in that they have a variety of features. As a protective shield against external issues, these are active and well-thought-out attempts to provide you with the finest solutions for facial problems currently available on the market. Because of our multi-purpose approach to making things possible, we have developed face tissues with excellent absorption properties that can be used in any setting, including the home and the workplace. Whether it's wiping your face or dealing with minor spills, We've taken care of you.

Beeta Machines Pvt. Ltd
Barbie Face Tissues; A Blast of freshness.

It is not a luxury, but rather a requirement.

Facial tissues are extremely effective hygiene tools in an office setting where a large number of people work in close proximity to one another because they can prevent germs from spreading quickly between people. Facial tissues have distinct characteristics that distinguish them as flexible and valuable office supplies, combining durability with softness and comfort in a single package. The presence of a box of high-quality tissues in common areas such as break rooms would help to make a workplace feel more welcoming and warm.

The use of anti-bacterial soap is necessary at home because the environment is frequently polluted with dust and germs, both of which can be harmful if not managed properly. They can be used to clean a wide range of different surfaces. 

As an added bonus, the company also offers scented facial tissues that contain the original essence of various aromatic flavors to assist you in relaxing. The ability to use face tissue as a makeup remover is arguably the most intriguing aspect of these issues to investigate further.

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  • Aluminium Foil
  • Clothlike Coloured Dinner Napkins
  • Coloured Dinner Napkins
  • Dinner Paper Napkins
  • Excel Coloured Paper Napkins
  • Face Tissue Barbie
  • Face Tissue Elephant
  • Face Tissue Fish
  • Face Tissue Indian
  • Face Tissue Kids
  • Food Wrapping Paper
  • Kitchen Roll
  • Mirasa Face Tissue
  • Mirasa Toilet Roll
  • Multi Fold Towels
  • Multipurpose Heavy Duty
  • Pocket Tissues
  • Toilet Roll Single
  • Velvet Coloured Napkins

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Here’s What Certainly Matters in the Toilet Tissue Paper: 

Most of us buy toilet tissue paper based on how economical it is instead of seriously considering its quality parameters. Toilet papers are an indispensable daily use product in any household, but as you use them in your sensitive regions, they are required to satisfy some quality parameters as well that you should equally focus at. So, here we are offering you specific points to help you in understanding what matters the most in toilet tissue paper selection: 

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2) Layers of plies:


The quality and durability of toilet tissue paper depending on the number of plies or the layer of thickness. It can vary from one ply to up to four plies. The difference is one-ply toilet papers are generally considered poor in quality, whereas the three or four plies offer better quality as they have higher absorbability.  


Although lesser ply toilet papers are cheaper and marketed as economical, you end up using more, and it finishes much faster. Higher ply toilet papers are expensive but durable, so they last longer. Therefore, while buying toilet paper, focus on the number of plies and their cost per square foot instead of how cheap or bigger it is. 

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3) Free of clogs:

If you are experiencing frequent plumbing issues, you may want to consider replacing your toilet paper. One of the most important characteristics of high-quality toilet paper is that it breaks down and dissolves quickly, allowing you to avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of unclogging clogged toilets.

4) Free of chlorine:

Based on how toilet paper is manufactured, there are two types of toilet paper. One is made from wood as its primary raw material, whereas the other is made from recycled papers and other waste materials. However, one issue with tissues made from recycled paper is the use of chlorine in the bleaching process to whiten them, which can be harmful to the environment. Chlorine should be avoided at all costs because it contributes to pollution. And it is not appropriate for use on the body's most sensitive areas, as previously stated.

Aspects of tearing quality:

Toilet paper that is of high quality is easy to tear from the roll. So you don't end up stumbling around and wasting your valuable time.

6) Environmentally conscious:

Toilet paper is made primarily of wood, so make sure you purchase it from a company that is committed to using wood from sustainably managed forests in their manufacturing. In addition, purchasing toilet paper made from recycled paper is a good option, but make sure it is chlorine-free before making the purchase.

So, the next time you go shopping for toilet paper, keep these considerations in mind and choose a high-quality product that will provide you with an excellent everyday experience while putting less strain on your wallet.

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1) Soft and skin-friendly:  

 The toilet tissue paper should be soft and skin-friendly with no irritating materials and harmful chemicals in it. As you use toilet paper in susceptible regions, make sure that they are not complex or rough. 

It is also essential to keep in mind that they should be skin-friendly with no harmful chemicals added while manufacturing as they might irritate your skin in the long run. Use good quality toilet pacers to avoid itching, redness or swelling in your nether regions.

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