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Ask Eva - Whatsapp Chatbot for Business
Mohamad Eshan
20 Employees
Madurai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hosur


No.4 SF, Parsn Complex, Villagudi, Madurai, TN, India -625018.

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Askeva is a Whatsapp based Chatbot Service Provider. They are providing best in class whatsapp based chatbots for all kinds

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Askeva - The Whatsapp Based Chatbot Service Provider - You can connect with more than 2 billion people all around the world by integrating your company into Whatsapp, which is the largest messaging platform in the world.

The most reliable WhatsApp API and chatbot service provider in Madurai, India.

But hold on! What exactly is a chatbot for WhatsApp?

A program or piece of software that is designed to function with the popular WhatsApp restated messaging service is referred to as a WhatsApp chatbot. Your company or organization can connect to the world of conversational marketing, shopping, banking, retails, and travel bookings, and more with the help of a WhatsApp ChatBot. A WhatsApp chatbot may handle your company's needs in a manner that is conversational, making things more convenient for WhatsApp's consumers.

The Whatsapp chatbot is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which, when paired with Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), will allow for a more natural and human-like exchange of information between a user and the chatbot.


Why is it necessary for my company to have a chatbot for WhatsApp?

The process of generating leads and providing support to customers is fraught with challenges for businesses. Each sector has to devote significantly more time and manpower to their work. Chatbot businesses are able to automate the majority of their processes with the help of WhatsApp, which includes everything from the generation of leads to post-sale support. Although the technique is rather unassuming, the results are significant.

Advantages of utilizing a chatbot for WhatsApp:

These days, a lot of companies are selling their goods and services with WhatsApp chatbots, and they are launching them all over the world. Customers might be given the option to get recommended notifications from businesses. Quite a few companies have already begun their marketing campaigns on WhatsApp by utilizing chatbots built specifically for the platform. It is possible that it will be less difficult to reach the clients or customers in the locations where they are available. More than eighty percent of individuals all around the world make use of the messaging program Whatsapp. As a result, it is the best possible platform for businesses to use in order to make it simpler for customers to purchase the goods and services they offer.

The following is a list of the benefits that businesses can get by using a chatbot for WhatsApp:

  • Using a WhatsApp chatbot, companies may send notifications, reminders, and alerts to their clients regarding their products and services.
  • Businesses have the ability to offer the highest possible level of customer assistance by responding in real time to questions posed by clients or consumers.
  • Sending communications that contain multiple types of media might be a helpful way to clear up any confusion.
  • The vast majority of inquiries are submitted outside of normal business hours; nevertheless, you shouldn't be concerned because chatbots may give customer service at any time, day or night.
  • Raise the amount of money your firm makes through a simple and quick method by using the WhatsApp messaging platform.
  • Get qualified leads by sending bulk messages to customers, and the bot can automate the process of answering questions from customers and turning them into solid leads. You can get qualified leads by sending bulk messages to customers.
  • If the consumer needs human assistance, or if the bot determines that the question is too complicated to answer, it can hand off the interaction to a human agent at any time. Even the human agent can, at any point in time, step in and take control of the dialogue.
  • WhatsApp's API for Businesses:
  • We are happy to be one of the 65 official WhatsApp API business solutions suppliers around the world, and we do this work specifically for Dubai and the nations in the middle east.
  • Whatsapp now provides solutions for all types of enterprises.
  • Whatsapp Business API is the most recent component to be released by WhatsApp, and it is geared toward businesses of medium and large scale.
  • We will offer the greatest and most user-friendly API for developers at the lowest possible price. Companies will only be charged for the texts that they really utilize.

Askeva will supply rich full messages including template messages that have been specifically prepared for the user, photos, video, audio, documents, and GIF files.

Products / Services


  • Askeva - The Whatsapp API & Chatbot Development Company
  • End-to-end Whatsapp Chatbot solutions
  • Conference any time instantly or schedule in advance
  • Keep your business always step ahead with our WhatsApp chatbot services

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